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Bring your scalp and hair lustre back to balance with this nutrient-rich hair density serum.

Thinning hair or excessive shedding? Dull, parched locks of yesteryear's glory? Factors such as stress, hormonal changes, poor nutrition and sleep habits, PCOS, lack of healthy scalp habits, or postpartum could be the contributing issues.

Meet Atmosphere, the first-ever waterless hair density serum - saving the environment, and your locks. Containing no added water, our active ingredients are able to live more potently in the formula, culminating in quicker results.

Imagine: an airy, lightweight concentrated serum formulated with tri-peptides, and scalp-health modulating adaptogens such as He Shou Wu, Skullcap, Angelica and Gotu Kola that achieves the look of the fuller, denser, and thicker hair, as well as contributing to the condition of your scalp. This serum also follows traditional adaptogen theory to rebalance the hair cycle, restoring stressed-out hair and scalps back to homeostasis.

Atmosphere Hair Density Scalp Serum

SKU: ATM-99212
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